Introducing The Intelligent LED Faucet

Intelligent LED Faucet™ BY ZHUNETIC

- Changing the colour of the water flow according to the temperature.

- You can tell the approximate water temperature without touching the water.

- This can prevents your hand from burning by hot water. 

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- No battery is needed.

- This faucet is powered by the built-in electricity generator.

Lights up when you turn on the tap:
- No extra switches are required.

- Just simply turn on the tap to transform your water flow to a waterfall of light. 

Colour changes along the water temperature: 
- Its built-in temperature sensor allows you to see the temperature since it changes the colour of LED light along the changes of water temperature.

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Intelligent LED Faucet™

- Waterfall of colours every time you turn on the tap.

- It is hydro-powered, no electricity supply is needed. Safe and eco-friendly!